Drug Addiction Facts

  • Serious side effects as a result of methamphetamine use which could be life threatening can include convulsions, dangerously high body temperature, stroke, cardiac arrhythmia, stomach cramps and shaking.
  • Social circumstances are important in drug abuse. Peer pressure, emotional distress and low self-esteem can all lead individuals to abuse drugs. Ease of access to drugs is another influence.
  • Because meth use severely impairs judgment, transmission of HIV and hepatitis B and C can result from its abuse.

Addiction-treatment-center.jpgOnce you have decided to make a change and get help for your addiction problem, the next step is to explaore your treatment facility options. Keep in mind that there is no one-size fits all facility. The most effective way to find an appropriate treatment program that meets your particular needs is to speak with an addiction treatment professional who can assess your specific situation and give you various treatment facility options based on your exact needs. We can help you with this. Simply call our Drug Treatment Help-Line at 1-877-683-7818 and you will be connected to an addiction treatment specialist who can help you find the correct treatment program for you.

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Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Substance abuse treatment services are available in several settings along with different rehabilitation lengths and plans to accommodate the various demands of clients with any sort of and level of addiction. With both short and long term and both inpatient and residential facilities now being paid by many insurance plans, there is no need to put off getting substance abuse treatment services for anyone who desires it.


Outpatient services are on the lower end of the spectrum of rehab solutions with regards to level of care, since the individual will be able to maintain their lifestyle in many ways without the commitment of needing to be in a rehab center while undergoing treatment services. Even though this might seem ideal it will not provide the much needed change of environment than lots of people in rehab need to experience a successful rehabilitation.


When adolescents get involved in any type of drug use, it is important that they obtain top quality care to stop the problem in its tracks so that it doesn't get any worse and perhaps put their future in jeopardy. Because adolescent drug use which continues often carries on into one's adult life, parents must stay astute and get their adolescent treatment when an issue is observed in a program which addresses adolescent drug use. Several programs which deal with adolescents provide both inpatient and residential rehabilitation, which has been proven to be the most effective settings for rehab clients of this age.


Women have to have high quality rehab in rehab but will also require special attention to the distinctive issues they face because of gender. Men and women not only face different and distinctive problems in everyday life as a consequence of gender, but additionally may abuse alcohol and drugs for unique reasons. drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities which focus on women and the specific and unique needs that women face can help significantly on a women's road to long term abstinence and a higher standard of living.


Similar to how men and women encounter varying and unique challenges in everyday life that happen to be specific to their gender, women and men could also encounter distinctive challenges in treatment which are gender-specific, which is why a program specifically designed with these unique needs and challenges in mind can be be extremely helpful for someone searching for a powerful rehabilitation option.

Criminal Justice Clients

Criminal justice clients find their way into rehabilitation due to a court ruling to fulfill a part of their sentencing for a drug offense. Criminal justice clients in alcohol and drug rehabilitation frequently receive reduced penalties, fines etc. when being cooperative with drug rehab requirements enforced on them as part of sentencing and also of course when successfully completing a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

Self Payment

Self Payment is necessary when a person's insurance won't cover the entire cost of rehabilitation or will only cover part of it. In these instances, it may appear like a drawback but individuals really have a great deal of leverage due to the fact they can select whichever center they want without the restrictions from health insurance companies that so many people encounter. In addition, rehab facilities will often offer payment assistance for individuals whose only option is self payment to enable them to get into treatment.


Some rehabilitation facilities will take Medicaid if the individual is not able to self pay or present some other type of private medical insurance. Medicaid may possibly pay for outpatient and short-term treatment inside a limited amount of facilities, and in this instance individuals may want to explore the self pay alternative and drum up any resources they are able to to fund a more quality treatment facility that will produce better results, like a long-term residential drug rehab center.

  • Perris Valley Recovery Programs
    Perris Valley Recovery Programs is an Alcohol Rehab and Drug Rehabilitation Program that is located at:

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    Perris Valley Recovery Programs offers the following treatment services: Substance Abuse Treatment Services, Outpatient, Adolescents, Women, Men, Criminal Justice Clients
    Payment forms accepted: Self Payment, Medicaid