Drug Addiction Facts

  • Findings from a recent study concluded that after three years, the positive effects of Ritalin on conditions such as ADHD typically fade, and by eight years there is no evidence that this type of medication used to treat the disorder produces any academic or behavioral benefits.
  • Studies indicate that Ecstasy that 70?80% of ecstasy users displaying significantly impaired memory.
  • Despite the idea that abuse of codeine is safe, codeine overdose can occur both in individuals who have been legitimately prescribed the drug, and in individuals who have been abusing the drug recreationally.

Addiction-treatment-center.jpgOnce you have decided to make a change and get help for your addiction problem, the next step is to explaore your treatment facility options. Keep in mind that there is no one-size fits all facility. The most effective way to find an appropriate treatment program that meets your particular needs is to speak with an addiction treatment professional who can assess your specific situation and give you various treatment facility options based on your exact needs. We can help you with this. Simply call our Drug Treatment Help-Line at 1-877-683-7818 and you will be connected to an addiction treatment specialist who can help you find the correct treatment program for you.

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Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Substance abuse treatment services can be obtained in several settings with different treatment lengths and plans to suit the varying needs of clients with any type of and degree of addiction. With both long and short term and both inpatient and residential centers now being included in many insurance companies, you don't have to postpone receiving substance abuse treatment services for anyone who desires it.


Detoxification from drugs and alcohol is a process which can be made considerably more manageable and safely supervised when in a proper detox or drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility. Sometimes detoxification isn't risk free, and even with the very best of intentions individuals who undergo detoxification on their own in order to get sober could really be putting their own health and even their lives at risk. It is usually better to look for detoxification solutions in a professional center to prevent such dangers and also to have a smooth transition from detoxification to rehabilitation at a top quality alcohol and drug treatment center.

Methadone Detoxification

It isn't uncommon for individuals who use methadone as an answer to heroin or prescription opioid dependence to find that they are now hooked on methadone. To get off of methadone can be quite challenging, because withdrawal symptoms can be even worse compared to those that one experiences from heroin. Methadone detoxification can take place inside a detoxification center however such symptoms can be made more manageable so that there is less likelihood of relapse so the individual could very well be off of all drugs for good.


Outpatient services are on the bottom end of the spectrum of rehabilitation solutions regarding intensity of care, because the individual will be able to maintain their lifestyle in many ways with no commitment of having to remain in a treatment facility while undergoing rehabilitation services. Even if this may seem perfect it may not provide the much needed change of surroundings than lots of people in recovery need to have a successful rehabilitation.


Not all alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs have the staff or wherewithal to cater to the requirements of Spanish speaking clientele, but thankfully there are more and more centers that can do so because the necessity for Spanish services is higher than ever before. Therapy, study info and so on are now frequently accessible in Spanish in both long and short terms facilities which deliver inpatient or residential rehab and outpatient Spanish treatment is also available around the country.

Self Payment

Self Payment is required when someone's insurance isn't going to pay for the total cost of treatment or will only pay for some of it. In these instances, it may seem like a drawback but people actually have a great deal of leverage because they can select whichever center they want without the restrictions from health insurance providers that so many men and women face. Likewise, treatment programs will usually offer payment assistance for people whose only option is self payment to help them get into treatment.

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