Drug Addiction Facts

  • Over time, overstimulation and other changes in the brain caused by marijuana use can lead to addiction and withdrawal symptoms when marijuana use stops.
  • Globally, 320,000 young people between the age of 15 and 29 die from alcohol-related causes every year, resulting in 9% of all deaths in that age group.
  • During the first half of 2012, meth ranked second in drug-related treatment admissions in San Francisco.

Addiction-treatment-center.jpgOnce you have decided to make a change and get help for your addiction problem, the next step is to explaore your treatment facility options. Keep in mind that there is no one-size fits all facility. The most effective way to find an appropriate treatment program that meets your particular needs is to speak with an addiction treatment professional who can assess your specific situation and give you various treatment facility options based on your exact needs. We can help you with this. Simply call our Drug Treatment Help-Line at 1-877-683-7818 and you will be connected to an addiction treatment specialist who can help you find the correct treatment program for you.

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Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Substance abuse treatment services are available in a number of settings along with different rehab lengths and plans to suit the various demands of clients with any sort of and level of addiction. With both long and short term and both inpatient and residential facilities now being covered by many insurance companies, there's no need to put off getting substance abuse treatment services for anyone who desires it.

Residential Long-Term Treatment (More Than 30 Days)

Residential long-term rehab, which lasts in excess of four weeks, can be an option that delivers the commensurate intensity of care and appropriate environment for anyone struggling with a life threatening addiction and dependency issue. Because individuals will stay in a residential long-term treatment center for about 3-6 months and even longer in some cases, these kinds of facilities offer all of the amenities needed to make a client's feel as relaxed and amenable as possible while also providing high quality rehabilitation to enable them to overcome their addiction for good.


Women require high quality treatment in rehab but will also require special attention to the unique issues they face because of gender. Women and men not only face different and unique problems in everyday life as a result of gender, but in addition may abuse alcohol and drugs for completely different reasons. drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities which appeal to women and the distinctive and unique needs that women encounter can help enormously on the women's road to permanent sobriety and a higher quality of life.


Similar to how women and men encounter varying and different challenges in everyday life that are specific to their gender, women and men might also face distinctive challenges in rehabilitation which are gender specific, which is why a facility designed specifically with these special needs and challenges at heart can be quite helpful for someone looking for an effective rehab solution.

Payment Assistance (Check With Facility For Details)

Many drug rehab programs provide payment assistance to help individuals who may possibly not have sufficient funds to self pay for treatment or whose medical insurance won't supply coverage or total coverage for his or her stay. As an example, Occasionally insurance only covers a short-term center when in fact a long-term facility is going to be the more suitable option. To determine what payment assistance may be available, like a sliding fee scale, consult the center for details.

  • Salvation Army
    Salvation Army is an Alcohol and Drug Rehab Program that is located at:

    211 Judson Avenue
    North Las Vegas, NV. 89030

    If you would like to contact Salvation Army, you can reach them at 702-399-2769.

    Salvation Army offers the following treatment services: Substance Abuse Treatment Services, Residential Long-Term Treatment (More Than 30 Days), Women, Men
    Payment forms accepted: Payment Assistance (Check With Facility For Details)