Drug Addiction Facts

  • The adverse effects of codeine and the risks of overdose are always exacerbated when combined with other substances, particularly alcohol.
  • Some inpatient rehab programs also offer detoxification services and others do not. In fact, some inpatient rehab facilities require patients to submit an urine screen before they register in the program.
  • Despite popular belief, caffeine does not affect the metabolism of alcohol by the liver and thus does not reduce breath alcohol concentrations or reduce the risk of alcohol-attributable harms.

Addiction-treatment-center.jpgOnce you have decided to make a change and get help for your addiction problem, the next step is to explaore your treatment facility options. Keep in mind that there is no one-size fits all facility. The most effective way to find an appropriate treatment program that meets your particular needs is to speak with an addiction treatment professional who can assess your specific situation and give you various treatment facility options based on your exact needs. We can help you with this. Simply call our Drug Treatment Help-Line at 1-877-683-7818 and you will be connected to an addiction treatment specialist who can help you find the correct treatment program for you.

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Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Substance abuse treatment services are available in many different settings along with different treatment lengths and plans to suit the various needs of clients with any type of and degree of addiction. With both long and short term and both inpatient and residential centers now being included in many insurance companies, you shouldn't have to put off receiving substance abuse treatment services for anyone who desires it.


Outpatient services are on the lower end of the spectrum of treatment services regarding intensity of care, as the individual can maintain their lifestyle in lots of ways without the commitment of having to be in a treatment program while receiving rehabilitation services. Even though this might appear perfect it may not provide the required change of atmosphere than lots of people in rehab have to have to have a productive rehab.

Payment Assistance (Check With Facility For Details)

Many drug treatment facilities provide payment assistance to help clients who might not have sufficient resources to self pay for rehab or whose health insurance won't supply coverage or total coverage for their stay. As an example, Sometimes insurance only pays for a short-term program when in fact a long-term center will be the more appropriate selection. To find out what payment assistance may be available, say for example a sliding fee scale, check with the program for details.

  • Bridge House
    Bridge House is a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center that is located at:

    81-6587 Mamalahoa Highway
    Kealakekua, HI. 96750

    If you would like to contact Bridge House, you can reach them at 808-322-3305.

    Bridge House offers the following treatment services: Substance Abuse Treatment Services, Outpatient
    Payment forms accepted: Payment Assistance (Check With Facility For Details)