Free or Low Cost Drug Rehab Programs in South Dakota

Below is a list of programs in South Dakota that we have contacted and found to be free or low cost programs. We provide these links to continue our ongoing effort of helping anyone with a drug or alcohol addiction problem, regardless of what your financial situation is.

We do not guarantee the accuracy of these listing. If you find our information to be incorrect or out of date, please feel free to fill out the contact form, and we will update our info accordingly.

Teen Challenge USA (   (417)-581-2181
Alcoholics Anonymous (   (212) 870-3400
Narcotics Anonymous (   (818) 773-9999
Addiction Family Resources Belle Fourche (605) 892-3039
Carroll Institute Arch Halfway House/SF Detox Center Sioux Falls (605) 332-6730
Carroll Institute Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Center Sioux Falls (605) 336-2556
Choices Recovery Services LLC Sioux Falls (605) 334-1822
Life Light Counseling Inc Mitchell (605) 996-2070
Main Gate Winner (605) 842-0312
Northern Hills Alcohol/Drug Services Spearfish Spearfish (605) 642-7093
Northern Hills Alcohol/Drug Services Sturgis Sturgis (605) 347-3003