Drug Addiction Facts

  • When an user stops taking codeine after long-term use withdrawal symptoms including cravings, sweating, difficulty sleeping, nausea, diarrhea, muscle spasms and irritability often occur.
  • Cocaine abuse has been linked to heart problems including artery blockages and heart attacks.
  • The average addict 'self medicates' a physical, emotional, spiritual hurt with drugs he/she has not been able to deal with in a healthy manner.

Addiction-treatment-center.jpgOnce you have decided to make a change and get help for your addiction problem, the next step is to explaore your treatment facility options. Keep in mind that there is no one-size fits all facility. The most effective way to find an appropriate treatment program that meets your particular needs is to speak with an addiction treatment professional who can assess your specific situation and give you various treatment facility options based on your exact needs. We can help you with this. Simply call our Drug Treatment Help-Line at 1-877-683-7818 and you will be connected to an addiction treatment specialist who can help you find the correct treatment program for you.

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Hospital Inpatient

Hospital inpatient serviceare accessible to]anybody that]needs to be]] safely managed througdetox]] services wheheavily]dependent]] tdrugs and alcohol]], or whneeds a]better]] spectrum of care sucas someone who]has a]] dual diagnosiso also]requires]] mental healtsolutions]as part of their]rehabilitation]procedure]]There are]] both short-term and long-term hospital inpatient serviceaccessible]].


Outpatienservices]] are othe lower]] end of the spectrum orehabilitation]services]regarding]intensity of]] careas the]] individuawill be able to]maintain]] their lifestylin many ways]with no]] commitmenof needing]to remain]] in rehabilitation]center]] whilundergoing]treatment]] servicesAlthough this]may appear]perfect]it may not]] providthe much needed]] change osurroundings]] thaa lot of people]] itreatment]have to have]to experience a]productive]rehab]].

Persons With Co-Occurring Mental And Substance Abuse Disorders

Seniors/Older Adults

Seniors and older adults whhave a problem with]drug use]might have]unique]obstacles]they must]overcome]whilst in]rehab]], whicrehabilitation]specialists]within the]center]] theopt to]be a part of]have to be]] keen oto ensure]a full]] recovermay be possible]]. So for seniors and older adultsit is advisable]to pick]] program]that's]familiar with]] helping seniors and older adultaddress]the distinctive]] life andrug use]problems that]] these clients facwhich may]] include wider]] spectrum osolutions]] includinmedical care]and so on]].

ASL or Other Assistance for Hearing Impaired

The hearing impairecan often be]prone]] to alcoholism andrug abuse]due to the]challenges]that their]] impairment impose on them. Whildiscovery]of the]issue]can often be]hard]] among the hearing impairedyou can find]] ASas well as other]] assistance serviceavailable for]] them whedrug abuse]rehabilitation]] inecessary]]Aside from]] ASL, such servicecan sometimes include]] assistive listenintools]] and captioned videresources]so that]] deaf and hearing impairepeople are]receiving the]help]they need]] idrug and alcohol]treatment]].

Self Payment

Self Payment inecessary]] whesomeone's]] insurancwon't]cover]] thtotal]] cost otreatment]] or will onlpay for]some of it]]. In thescases]], it maseem]] like disadvantage]] bupeople]in fact]] have great deal of]] leveragbecause]] they cachoose]] whicheveprogram]] thewould like]] without thlimitations]] from healtinsurance providers]] that so manindividuals]face]]In addition]]treatment]centers]] wilusually]provide]] payment assistance foindividuals]] whose onloption]] is self payment tenable them to get into]rehab]].



Medicare recipientcan seek]rehab]] adrug and alcohol]rehab]programs]] whicdeliver]] either inpatient or outpatientreatment]when the]facility]is included in the]] network of Medicare-participating providers and with thconsent]] of their Medicare appointedoctor]], who musassist in]establishing]the individual's]rehab]strategy]]. Inpatienservices]] arcovered]] through MedicarPart A]], witup front]] costs beinthe same as]any other type]] of hospital stay, and outpatientreatment]] beinpaid for]] through MedicarPart B]].

State Financed Insurance (Other Than Medicaid)

State financed insurance other than Medicaimay be used to]] covethe costs]] odrug and alcohol]treatment]] iother kinds]] of insurance or self paymenaren't]an option]]When someone]doesn't have]] private insurance and doesn't yeknow whether]they may]qualify for]] state insurancethey should]consult]] their Social Services officwithin their]] area tascertain]] if they are and theapply]]The majority of]] state financed insuranccovers]] both outpatient and inpatienrehabilitation]], bugenerally]] onlwithin the]] statwhich offers]the insurance plan]].

Private Health Insurance

Depending on whicplan]] you are covered by, all privatmedical insurance]] plantypically]] covesome form of]alcohol and drug]treatment]] servicwhich range from]] outpatienrehabilitation]] to inpatient or residentiadrug]rehab]facilities]]. Individualmight have]to take part in]] drug]rehabilitation]center]that's]within their]] network of providers anthere could be]] othelimitations]including]the length of time]] their stay irehabilitation]] is covered. Individualcan choose]an excellent]program]they like]] anconsult with a]rehabilitation]counselor]to ascertain]] if their insurancwill handle]] it.

Military Insurance (E.G., Va, Tricare)

Military insurancincluding]] VA and Tricare does covethe expense]] oparticular]drug abuse]rehab]solutions]]Detox]] services, outpatient and inpatiencenters]in addition to]] partial hospitalizatioare]covered by]] military insurance, although military membermay require]] pre-authorizatioin which case]] they caspeak]] with their VA or Tricarconsultant]]There could be]] somrestrictions]concerning]how long]] a stay in inpatiendrug and alcohol]rehab]] iallowed]]and every one of]] these questionwill be]] answerebefore you begin]rehab]so that it is]] cleahow much time]] and individuacan remain]] in thtreatment]center]of choice]].

  • Lakeview Hospital
    Lakeview Hospital is a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Facility that is located at:

    630 East Medical Drive
    Bountiful, UT. 84010

    If you would like to contact Lakeview Hospital, you can reach them at 801-299-3781.

    Lakeview Hospital offers the following treatment services: Hospital Inpatient, Outpatient, Persons With Co-Occurring Mental And Substance Abuse Disorders, Seniors/Older Adults, Asl Or Other Assistance For Hearing Impaired
    Payment forms accepted: Self Payment, Medicaid, Medicare, State Financed Insurance (Other Than Medicaid), Private Health Insurance, Military Insurance (E.G., Va, Tricare)